A Family serving Central Florida families' fireplace and chimney needs since 1982.

My Father, Ray Brosius, started our family Chimney Sweeping business as B.A. Zoot Sooter in 1982. Being educated at home off and on throughout grade school and high school, we had regular opportunities to learn the art and science of chimney sweeping as well as the importance of excellence in customer service.

While pursuing higher education in Pennsylvania, I had the opportunity to work with a chimney professional to pay for college and graduate school. It could be said that I Always Swept through school.

Upon returning to Florida, I joined my father and brother for a few years while they worked together as  Ashes and Embers Chimney Service. After both moved on, leaving a gap in the Chimney Professional world, my wife and I decided to go back to Sweep in 2017. Since both businesses had been closed, it seemed opportune to borrow a line from one of the old bumper stickers on my Dad’s truck- not the one that read “Don’t make an ash of yourself, have your chimney cleaned by a professional” but the sticker that reminded people that they could “call us day or night, we are Always A Sweep.”  

Our family has been serving Marion and Surrounding counties for over 35 years, and we look forward to serving you. 

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