Chimney Sweep Gainesville FL

Always a Sweep provides Gainesville FL with expert chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and chimney repair services. We’ve been in the business for over 20 years and are certified chimney sweep professionals. We provide our customers with reliable, professional, and high quality chimney sweep services in Gainesville FL.

Chimney Sweeping

Our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps use state-of-the-art equipment to clean chimneys of all kinds. While sweeping your system, we ensure that it’s in working order. We look for any problems that could prevent peak performance and recommend what is needed for your system to burn cleanly and safely. Any potential hazards or problems that may be found in your system will be pointed out.

Chimney Inspection & Cleaning

An annual chimney inspection is a modest investment that can reduce the danger of chimney fires or carbon monoxide poisoning in your home. A chimney inspection and chimney cleaning ensures that your chimney is free from any and all potential fire hazards, including creosote buildup and blockages created by animal nests and other debris. When you work with Always a Sweep, you can be sure that there will not be a mess in your home once we’ve finished working!

Our commitment to our customers in Gainesville FL and the safety of their families is always our first priority.

Top 4 Benefits of Having A Clean Chimney in Your Home

A chimney has several benefits for homeowners. Therefore, you should keep the unit clean. Schedule a regular cleaning service by a professional. Failure to do so will only result in extensive property damage and unnecessary costs. A chimney that is well maintained comes in handy whenever there is a weather change. Here are some reasons why regular chimney cleaning is essential.

Increase Heating Efficiency

A well-cleaned chimney will burn the wood thoroughly and efficiently. On the other hand, a neglected one is most likely to clog thus, causing insufficient oxygen flow to reach the burning wood. Eventually, that will reduce the heat level, and in the end, you end up with a huge heating bill. Plus, you increase the chances of having a carbon monoxide poisoning due to a lack of enough oxygen circulation.

 Avoid Chimney Fires

Creosote is a sticky substance that is highly flammable and is created by a wood fire. Even in small amounts, creosote can start a chimney fire, which will end up damaging your chimney. To avoid incurring unnecessary costs, schedule a regular chimney cleaning by a professional.

Enhanced Safety

Regular cleaning of your chimney will determine the safety of your fireplace. Creosote build-up can occur if you fail to maintain a regularly used fireplace. Creosote build-up can be harmful as it clogs your air duct, preventing carbon monoxide from exiting your home.


Scheduling frequent maintenance of your fireplace helps save you lots of money. A clean chimney functions efficiently and burns less wood, thus, saving you a considerable amount of money. Lastly, your fireplace will emit less pollution and will not incur costs for unnecessary repairs.

Homeowners with a fireplace in their place ought to know that having a clean chimney unit is highly recommended. In case you want your chimney to be checked by an expert, contact us, and schedule a cleaning service.

Chimney Sweep Gainesville FL
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