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Our Chimney Services

Regular inspections and maintenance is important to your home's safety.

Chimney Inspections & Sweep


With regular chimney inspections and proper maintenance, you are helping to prevent a dangerous fire and avoiding repairs much more expensive than the cost of preventative measures.


Dryer Vent Cleaning & Repair


Dust, dirt and lint build-up in dryer vents reduce your appliance’s efficiency, causing it to overheat. Having them cleaned can prevent dryer fires, improve efficiency and extend the life of your dryer and even your clothes.


Chimney Repair


Do you have a water leak? Does your living room fill with smoke? You don’t always see the repairs needed to the exterior or interior of your chimney, but you may be experiencing the consequences.




Let us add warmth to any room in your home. We install fireplaces and stoves using industry leading technology to ensure a perfect fit every time. We know you'll be beyond satisfied. 


Gas Services


At Always A Sweep & Home Repair, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and reliable gas services to ensure the safety and efficiency of your home.. 


We’re Certified

We’re qualified for the job so you can trust we’ll get it done right.
Always A Sweep is a certified chimney reliner
Always A Sweep is a certified chimney professional
Always A Sweep is a certified chimney professional
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Why Choose Us

Call us day or night, we are Always A Sweep.

Joshua Brosius not only grew up in the chimney sweep business with his father and brother 35 years ago, he continued the family business by opening his own company in 2017 serving Marion and surrounding counties.

As a family owned and operated company, Joshua thought it was only fitting to borrow a line from one of the old bumper stickers on his dad’s truck…

“Call us day or night, we are Always A Sweep.”
Hence the company name and motto.

We look forward to being YOUR reliable chimney and dryer vent service company.
“We help you have a fire on your hearth, and not in your home!” 

Service Area

Find out if we operate in your region.


Super Fast Response


Super fast response, came out within a couple hours of my initial call. The tech was very professional, efficient, and clean. They even provided me with before and after photos of inside the dryer vent. Highly recommend!

Kenneth Padgett

These Folks Are Exceptional


These folks are exceptional, they came to repair our gas fireplace when others wouldn't. Mike consulted the mfr, inspected the vent pipes then repaired, cleaned and adjusted the burner, showed and explained it all, I highly recommend them.

Mike C