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Since 1982

Chimney Cleaning in Ocala. Chimney Sweep in Ocala. Dryer Vent Cleaning in Ocala. Chimney Repairs . Fireplace Education. Certified Chimney Sweep. Certified Chimney Professional. 

B.A. Zoot Sooter. Ashes and Embers. Always A Sweep.


Always A Sweep

My Father, Ray Brosius, started our family Chimney Sweeping business as B.A. Zoot Sooter in 1982. Being educated at home off and on throughout grade school and high school, we had regular opportunities to learn the art and science of chimney sweeping as well as the importance of excellence in customer service. While pursuing higher education in Pennsylvania, I had the opportunity to work with a chimney professional to pay for college and graduate school. It could be said that I Always Swept through school. Upon returning to Florida, I joined my father and brother for a few years while they worked together as  Ashes and Embers Chimney Service. After both moved on, leaving a gap in the Chimney Professional world, my wife and I decided to go back to Sweep in 2017. Since both businesses had been closed, it seemed opportune to borrow a line from one of the old bumper stickers on my Dad's truck- not the one that read "Don't make an ash of yourself, have your chimney cleaned by a professional" but the sticker that reminded people that they could "call us day or night, we are Always A Sweep."  Our family has been serving Marion and Surrounding counties for over 35 years, and we look forward to serving you. 

Uncle Bert, Aunt Mary, and distant English Cousins Michael and Jane :)

We can't promise the same quality singing,  but we guarantee we don't make the mess that they do. We use professional equipment and leave your home cleaner than when we walked in- hopefully leaving you singing on our way out. 




We are a 2nd generation Professional Chimney and Dryer Vent Cleaning small family business that has been serving Marion County and surrounding areas since 1982. 

We are the only Certified Chimney Professionals in Central and North Central Florida and one of only 13 companies in the state that has a certified chimney professional from either of the two certifying agencies in the nation. https://certifiedchimneyprofessionals.com/

We seek to honor and glorify our Lord Jesus Christ in the way that we serve our customers with excellence in everything we do. 

We have the heart of a teacher. Our first goal is to equip and empower our customers to safely use, maintain, and repair their own fireplace or dryer vent appliances whenever practicable and desired. We provide DIY support for maintenance and repairs with guidance on the most suitable materials and tools. When this is not desired we also provide full service for repairs or referrals for other suitable professionals when available. 



We look forward to serving everyone, but we reserve the right to discriminate against IRS agents and Property tax appraisers. :)




We provide complete service for Dryer Vents and Wood Stoves as well as all types of Masonry and Manufactured Fireplaces.


All Service Calls include an inspection to identify potential hazards, to make recommendations for maximizing efficiency and saving on home energy costs, and to provide tips to minimize hassle and maximize enjoyment. 


We provide a ZERO mess, Full or Partial cleaning based on need or user request. 

In addition to cleaning the chimney to minimize the "fireplace smell" or "smoke smell" that sometimes accompanies burning with wood (especially wet or unseasoned), treatment to eliminate the smoke smell is also available. 


Minor adjustments can often be made at no additional cost and many potential hazards can be addressed by the homeowner with guidance from the Sweep. 


If chimney accessories are recommended or repairs are needed, we offer full service for any chimney related needs. We can also provide guidance on selecting and installing quality products for the DIY homeowner as well as follow up support by phone when needed.


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Always A Sweep

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Call us anytime: Day or Night, We are Always A Sweep


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